About Marina Shepelevky

While in Baku, Azerbaijan, at the age of 25, I attended a school to become a certified aesthetician. I then trained with the best aesthetician in Baku who would make her own skin care products. After a year under her tutelage I moved to Israel and attended an Israeli Institute for Aestheticians and additionally took a specialized course in aromatherapy. I also attended and graduated a school for professional makeup artists for Movies, Theater and TV shows. However, I mostly enjoyed working with woman to bring their skin back to a more youthful, radiant appearance. I received special satisfaction when my client’s confidence was restored because of how they looked and felt. After working a couple of years as an aesthetician in a 5 Star hotel I decided to open my own business in Israel. I was kept busy running my Day Spa until I moved to Brooklyn to reunite with my family who emigrated from Russia. In America, I found myself concentrating on problem skin especially teenagers both male and female and young women preparing for the wedding day. After working for three years in a busy spa I opened up my own practice which has been extremely successful with clients coming to me from all over the world.
I have always dedicated myself to a healthy lifestyle including exercise, eating and skin care. After many years of experience with skin care I have developed product lines, called Haven Naturals, that are organic, natural, and effective in caring for all types of skin. I looked for developing a line of products that are derived from botanical, essential oils and active ingredients but most importantly they must be very effective. I particularly avoid using parabens, silicone, harmful chemicals or animal derived ingredients which are found in many commercial products. I have especially targeted aging and mature skin with my products, but also have products for daily use for regular and problem skin.
However, I don’t want to lose sight of my core business which has always been to help people look good for which I get the most satisfaction. After all my years of hard work at improving my client’s skin, especially acne, and encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, I have helped thousands of woman and men improve their looks and wellbeing. A testimony to my success has been the devotion of many of my clients who I am still treating since coming to the United States in 2002. I humbly appreciate all of their devotion and confidence in my skills